Welcome to Yellow Medicine East District 2190


450 9th Ave.

Granite Falls, MN 56241

Phone: 320-564-4081

For questions regarding online payments, contact the following:

Lunch: Marlys Lacroix at ext. 174 or mlacroix@isd2190.org

Activity Fees & Tickets: Alyssa Johnson at ext. 111 or ajohnson@isd2190.org

Retiree Insurance Payments & Fees: Tara Miller at ext. 112 or tmiller@isd2190.org

School Readiness: Keisha Louwagie at ext. 243 or klouwagie@isd2190.org

Middle & High School Fees: Krystle Enninga at ext. 103 or kenninga@isd2190.org