Gala for Giving

2019 Electric Moment

Funds raised through this Electric Moment will be used towards updating our library space.

4th Grade Spring Ice Cream Party

4th Grade Spring Ice Cream Party - Spring 2019 TBD.  $15/student.

5th Grade Skateville Party

5th Grade Skateville Party (boys and girls) - Friday, March 8th from 10am-12pm.  $25/student, $10/sibling.

8th Grade Mother/Daughter Event

8th Grade Mother/Daughter Event - Saturday, April 6th from 5:45-10:00pm.  $25/pair.

Adult Halloween Party

Adult Halloween Party - Saturday, October 26th.  $40/person.

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing - Saturday, November 9th.  $50/person.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing - Saturday, January 25.  $50/person.

Kindergarten Ice Cream Party

Kindergarten Ice Cream Party - Spring TBD.  $15/student.

Yoga'na Need Wine

Yoga'na Need Wine - Saturday, October 5th, 7:00pm.  $40/person.