Highland Park Middle School

Our Mission: At Highland Middle School, it is our mission to: provide our students with a sense of community and global perception in a nurturing and caring learning environment, help students acquire the skills necessary to value themselves, and take pride in their accomplishments, and develop respect and understanding of other people and their cultures. Through a diversified curriculum, all students will develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding to become lifelong learners. Our Vision: Imagine a school where all students and families feel valued; where all students meet and exceed standards; where all students are engaged in rigorous academics integrated with enriching opportunities. Value Statements: In order to achieve our mission and vision of high achievement for all our students we will... Promote a positive school climate that ensures all staff, students and families feel welcome, safe and valued. Communicate with students, families and the community to encourage involvement. Acknowledge the accomplishments of our students and staff. Offer activities and programs that expand our understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Ensure student learning by offering courses that both challenge students and meet their needs. Use a common language to promote shared understanding of expectations. Provide experiences that offer a global perspective, expand our understanding of other cultures and build internationally minded students. Work collaboratively with each other to identify the essential standards and create classrooms that continually reflect best practice.

Highland Park Spritware Store

Spritware is everything from hats to sweatpants. All have the logo of your child's high school. Spritware Funds go to refurbishing kitchen at Highland Park.